Receiving in a Sinner's Grace
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Receiving in a Sinner's Grace

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Rochelle is a gorgeous sista who finally decides that instead of doing wrong, she wants to do right. Unfortunately, in the environment that she grew up in, doing right is a hard task to accomplish. It takes some trial and error, but she eventually gets her life on track…meaning by God’s grace, Rochelle is finally able to turn her failures into successes. When she meets a brotha who has the right ingredients to steal her heart, she soon finds out he’s already taken. But Rochelle’s a praying type of sista—she’s vowed to give God her all. Even though the man she’s fallen for is an egregious, unrepentant sinner, will God decide to hand them both His grace?

Author: Wayne Colley

Format: Paperback

Copyright: 2022

Pages: 206

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