A Diva's Prayer
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A Diva's Prayer

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The very gorgeous, Dominique Wilson, was born to a crack-addicted mother. Despite that, she's risen above her upbringing and carved a decent life for herself. Nice home — check. Nice car — check. Friends who love her — check. She has all of those things and a half-decent boyfriend, too. However, an out-of-control night of partying leaves her in a situation that will impact her life forever. She knows that God is the only one who'll get her out of her precarious situation. Her faith is strong, and she believes that God always answers prayer. But sometimes even the strongest believers waiver in their faith. When she meets ex-goon turned believer, Nathan Scott, Nathan becomes her God-sent peace in the storm. The two soon fall in love. But will skeletons from both of their pasts, ruin their chances for a happily-ever-after?



Author: Wayne Colley

Format: Paperback

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 201




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