Grace Through The Fire
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Grace Through The Fire

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Saved, fabulous, beautiful, and independent — those are the four words that best describe LaShonda Riverton. With a kind and caring heart added into the mix, she’d make a good catch for some lucky man. Now that she’s hit the big three-o, she’s starting to really feel the draw of settling down and starting a family. When her godmother’s saved and eligible nephew, Jonathan, shows up on Shonda’s front doorstep, she hadn’t seen his handsome face in years. Shonda had only been twelve and Jonathan seventeen when they’d last laid eyes on one another. Needless to say, Jonathan hadn’t had Shonda on his mind as a love interest back then. But now Shonda’s grown into a lovely and vivacious woman. She draws Jonathan’s full attention and the two soon come to realize that they share a mutual attraction. Unfortunately, Shonda has scars that she’s still carrying from her past. Will those scars ruin Jonathan and Shonda’s chance for a happy-ever-after?



Author: Taretha Jones

Format: Paperback

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 212


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