Peace Through The Fire
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Peace Through The Fire

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The lovely Juanita Thompson is living a charmed life. She has a loving family and wonderful friends who always have her back. When she meets the saved, handsome, and single new pastor of her church — Joshua Ellerbee — she decides right away that he's a decent individual, who's worthy of leading the flock at Zion Grove Christian Center. However, Pastor Ellerbee unwittingly makes a decision that causes Juanita to lose her part-time gig at Zion Grove. Consequently, her approval of him changes in an instant. Because of his ill-fated move, she begins to suspect that her new handsome pastor is a male chauvinist in disguise, one who's not worthy of her time. As for Pastor Ellerbee, he soon comes to realize that he loves everything about Juanita. She's saved, fabulous, considerate — and in his eyes downright irresistible. It doesn't take the good pastor long to fall head over heels for Juanita. Eventually, she comes to realize that she's attracted to him, too. However, there's a secret that she's keeping — even from her two besties. It's a secret that can ruin any shot she'll ever have at a happy-ever-after.



Author: Taretha Jones

Format: Paperback

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 204


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