God Made Me For You
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God Made Me For You

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As the twenty-two year old single mother of three kids all under the age of seven, Veronica Wright is trying to carve a better life for herself. Allowing the Lord into her world has cleared away almost all the shackles that came from her having a crack-addicted prostitute for a mother.

When she meets Kevin Brown, she's attracted to the man almost instantly. Despite having her life on track for a brighter future, deep down inside she doesn't quite believe that she's good enough for a saved, sexy, single brotha like Kevin. 

Her friends and family try real hard to convince her that good men like Kevin Brown only walk into a girl's life once in a blue moon. Despite them telling her that she should give Kevin a try, she only pushes the man away.

Thirty-one year old Kevin is awed by Veronica's beauty, brains, and humble-spirit. Kevin falls hard and is convinced that the lovely Veronica is his Mrs. Right. In the end will he be able to make her see that she was made for him? And will secrets from his past destroy their shot at a beautiful future together?



Author: Nikki Smith

Format: Paperback

Copyright: 2016

Pages: 207


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