Picture of the book, Believing in a Sinner's, Worth by Wayne Colley
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Believing in a Sinner's Worth

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The lovely Dana Bryce was forced to grow up without a mother and a father in her life. However, she was fortunate enough to have a doting grandmother. Unfortunately, her grandmother's love and support still proved to be lacking for Dana. Why? She had a hole in her heart from missing her parents, an emptiness inside, that she kept trying to fill by looking for love in all the wrong places. She ends up with a child at an early age and with a criminal conviction. With those two things working against her, she doesn't see how she can come up in life and she thinks she’s destined for a future of poverty and turmoil. She ultimately blames God for all her failures. But fortunately for her, God still believes in a sinner's worth. He's willing to turn it all around for Dana, and even give her the man of her dreams that her heart has been yearning for. She just has to be willing to reach out on faith.

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Author: Wayne Colley

Format: Paperback

Copyright: 2018

Pages: 202

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