Chasing Serenity
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Chasing Serenity

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Twenty-six year old Serenity Walker is the beautiful single mom to a precocious five-year old son. Forced to deal with a deceitful boyfriend who wants nothing to do with the child they created together, she decides to raise her son's just her and God. In her attempts to carve a life for herself as a professional chef, she has no real desire for a man in her world. That all changes when she meets ex-football player Jason Bullock. Burned by a past relationship, Jason is not really looking to give his heart away again. As God would have it, that all changes when he meets Serenity. It's practically love at first sight for Jason and all out resistance for her. Jason knows their love is special. So he's willing to fight for Serenity. Even if it means putting up a chase.



Author: Taretha Jones

Format: Paperback

Copyright: 2016

Pages: 198


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