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Eighteen-year old freshman TyKeisha Reed looked at her new friend, who also happened to be her new college roommate. She smiled. They were sitting in the student cafeteria at NC Central University.

He just asked me out, Danielle.”

Danielle Patterson frowned at TyKeisha. “I know. I just heard him.” Danielle shook her head. “I’m sorry to say this boo, but I don’t think going out with Damien Franklin is a good idea.”

This time it was TyKeisha who frowned. “Why not?” She fanned her hand quickly in front of herself, imitating that she was trying to bring her body temperature down a degree or two. “He’s fine with a capital F. You saw all those muscles….right, girl? And he’s a senior….not to mention the star quarterback of Central’s football team. I heard the NFL is looking at him.” Smiling she shook her head. “I can’t believe he’s interested in someone quiet and shy like myself.”

Look, I hate to have to bust your bubble, TyKeisha….but that boy just wants what’s between your legs. I think you should leave him alone. I’ve been around his kind before and they’re always trouble.”

Seeing that school had only been in session for a little over a month, that’s exactly how long TyKeisha had known Danielle. TyKeisha genuinely liked her roommate and they got along just fine. However, she couldn’t seem to stop the thought from running through her mind that Danielle was jealous.

TyKeisha looked Danielle directly into the eye. Her new friend, Danielle, bore an uncanny resemblance to a teenaged Beyonce, so TyKeisha was more than surprised that Damien hadn’t asked Danielle out instead.

TyKeisha frowned. “You sure you’re not just saying that cause you wanted him to ask you out?”

Danielle rolled her eyes. TyKeisha was a really nice girl and she refused to hurt her feelings by telling her that he’d already asked her out and she’d shut his trifling behind down. She felt sorry that her new friend couldn’t see the obvious — the obvious being that Damien Franklin just wanted some virgin coochy.

Look TyKeisha, I know you grew up in a sheltered family and all, in a little town in the boonies….but I’m from the heart of the Bronx. I’ve been around guys like Damien Franklin all my life. He practically has what me and my girls back at home liked to call a ‘fresh coochy radar’, honey. It’s permanently embedded into his frontal lobe instead of a brain. Leave him be, girl.” Danielle frowned. “I’m telling you this as a friend….he’s no good, boo.”

TyKeisha listened to everything that her roommate had just said. She didn’t say anything to Danielle, of course, but deep in her heart, TyKeisha was convinced that Danielle was a hundred percent wrong.

She smiled to herself. Danielle is just jealous. That’s what that is.

* * *

Across Campus:

Well man, what did she say? Is that piece of fresh booty going out with you?”

Damien smiled at his frat brother and teammate, Vincent.”Yeah, man. She said yes. It’s on.”

Vincent grinned. “You gonna let me hit it after you….right? I know it won’t be fresh and new at that point —,” he rubbed his hands together in anticipation, “—but it’ll be fresh enough.”

The two gave each other fist bumps. Damien grinned. “You know I got you, bro.”

* * *

Two Days Later:

TyKeisha flipped her freshly bobbed hair and checked out her reflection in the mirror of her tiny shared dorm room. Her overprotective mother had made dating virtually impossible for her back in highschool — she’d said she didn’t want her only child to end up a teenage mom like she had. However, TyKeisha had had enough attention come her way from guys who’d been interested in her to know that she was cute.

Danielle shook her head as she looked at her friend. “You’re making a mistake, TyKeisha. At least tell me where he’s taking you….you know, in case something happens.”

TyKeisha grinned at Danielle. She literally had stars in her dark brown eyes. This was going to be her first date — she couldn’t count prom because her mother had made sure she and her male companion had been escorted there and back by her uncle.

TyKeisha swiped a thin layer of gloss over her luscious lips before answering. “We’re going to the Olive Garden. The one off of Roxboro Rd.”

You know you shouldn’t be letting him pick you up….you should just meet him there. In fact, I have plenty of gas in my car tank. How about I drive you over. We can ask Jenelle to tell him you’re already at Olive Garden when he gets here to our dorm. She’ll tell him to meet you there.”

TyKeisha looked at Danielle as if she was crazy. “Then it wouldn’t be a real date, Danielle.”

Here….at least take my cellphone since you don’t have one, yet. You can call the police or something if you get into an emergency situation.” Danielle rushed over to her dresser drawer. “And this can of mace, too. I’m not saying you’re gonna need it, but still—”

TyKeisha reluctantly took both items and stuffed them into her purse. “Okay, little miss Worry-wort.”

Seconds later, as she watched her pretty new friend walk out of their room, Danielle prayed that TyKeisha would be alright.



TyKeisha looked across the car and gave Damien a shy little smile. “I like your car, Damien. It’s really nice.

Damien nodded his head. “Oh thanks,” he said as he revved the powerful engine of the late model Camaro Convertible. “It was a twenty-first birthday gift from my Dad.” Then he frowned. “I had wanted a BMW, but he gave me this instead.”

TyKeisha didn’t understand him sounding disappointed about the vehicle they were riding in. She didn’t know very much about cars, but she knew enough to realize that it was brand new and probably worth more than her single mother made in a year’s time.

But it’s still nice, Damien.”

He gave her a charming smile. “Well, I’m glad you like it then, beautiful.”

TyKeisha felt herself blush.

He continued speaking. “I was nervous to ask you out. I was afraid you were going to turn me down. You’re so pretty and all.”

TyKeisha shook her head. “You’re probably the most popular guy on campus. Any girl would be happy if you asked her out, Damien.”

She’s gonna be easier than I thought. All it’s gonna take is a little bit of flattery to get into her panties. She’s so naive, he thought to himself. He smiled. “Well, I’m just glad to be here with you, TyKeisha —,” he reached over and rubbed her thigh, “—very glad.”

TyKeisha swallowed nervously. His hand on her thigh like that felt different. She wasn’t quite sure if she liked it or not, but she was leaning towards the positive side.

He placed both hands back on the steering wheel. “I’m glad you like those chocolates that I bought you. They’re Godiva….kind of expensive you know.”

She nodded her head. “Yes and thank you, again.”

* * *

By the time the evening was over with, TyKeisha was sure that she really liked Damien. He was surprisingly charming and such a gentleman.

With them both sitting in his car outside of her dormitory, Damien reluctantly pulled back from the deep kiss that he’d just given her. He honestly wanted to take her goodies right that very minute in his car, but he preferred his conquests to give up the love willingly. That way the hoes can’t come back later and cry rape, he thought to himself.

After he’d done the gentlemanly thing and escorted her to the front door of her building, Damien walked back to his car with a light spring to his step. All it’s gonna take is a few more days or so of laying on the sugar and that sweet, untouched cooch is gonna be all mine for the taking. Little miss prim and proper ain’t gonna know what hit her.

* * *

Danielle looked across their shared dorm room at TyKeisha. She frowned. “Well, how did the date with the butthole go?”

TyKeisha flopped herself down on her bed. She still had stars in her eyes. “Girl….It. Was. Wonderful!”

Danielle shook her head. She’d given the whole thing about her roomie going out with Damien a lot of thought while they’d been gone. She sighed. “Look, TyKeisha. I already know you’re not gonna like what I’m about to say….but I’m gonna say it again any way.”

Her eyes met her friend’s. “That boy is a user. All he wants from you is the booty.”

TyKeisha narrowed her eyes at Danielle. “You don’t know what you’re talking about. He was the perfect gentleman and he really likes me. He said he’s tired of running around with fast girls. He’s ready for a serious, decent girlfriend in his life.”

Danielle shook her head. “Boo….he’s just feeding you lies and lines.”

I don’t think so. You weren’t there when he told me what he said. You didn’t see the look in his eyes.”

At that point, Danielle knew it wasn’t going to be anything that she could do to protect TyKeisha from Damien.

Danielle sighed to herself. I’m gonna hate to see it happen, but my new friend is about to get her heart broken big time.

* * *

A Week Later:

Despite having classes, Damien had taken TyKeisha out on dates everyday of the week. By the time Friday night rolled around, he looked across the table at her as they were sitting at in the student union. He smiled. “Well, gorgeous….my frat brothers and I are having a party tomorrow night. It’s gonna be off da’ chain. As my girlfriend, you coming with me...right?”

With her strict church upbringing, TyKeisha had never been one to really attend parties. She’d gone to a few get-togethers thrown by a couple of her cousins, but that had pretty much been it. And there had been plenty of adult supervision at the events.

Sensing her hesitation, he reached in and dropped a soft kiss on her cheek. “Say yes, babe.”

TyKeisha sighed. “Okay, Damien. I’ll go.”

He grinned. “That’s my girl.”

* * *

TyKeisha frowned at her reflection in her dorm room mirror. Then she looked back over at Danielle. “Do I look alright?”

Danielle made a face at the skin-tight designer jeans and midriff ripped top that TyKeisha was rocking. It was a given that the little get-up was cute, but at the same time it was a little on the skanky-side. “Uh, if your idea of looking alright is looking like a streetwalker, then yeah boo….you look just fine.”

TyKeisha frowned. When one of the girls across the hall from their room had found out that she was going to the frat party, she had offered to loan TyKeisha something appropriate to wear in exchange for an invite. Not everybody had been lucky enough to even get an invitation to Damien’s little get-together. It was based on who you knew.

TyKeisha had gladly taken the girl up on her offer — seeing that she didn’t really have any party-worthy clothes to go in and very little money to go out and buy something.

Danielle frowned. “We’ve only been here at this school a month and I’ve already heard a lot of bad things about Damien and his homeboy’s parties, TyKeisha. I think you should opt out.”

At that moment, the R.A. buzzed their room to let them know they had a guest waiting downstairs. TyKeisha picked up her purse. She turned back to Danielle. “See you later. That’s him...I gotta go.”

* * *

The DJ was playing all the latest jams and TyKeisha was having fun bobbing her head in time to the beat.

Damien looked across at TyKeisha with a greedy smile on his face. Shorty is smoking hot, he thought to himself as he watched her move her body to the banging bass in her skimpy little outfit. He could barely wait to get her alone in one of the upstairs bedrooms of the frat house.

He leaned in and whispered into her ear.”Hey, let’s go upstairs where it’s nice and quiet so we can talk.”

TyKeisha gave him a tiny smile. She only knew one other girl at the party and she was getting tired of the noise anyways. She allowed him to take her hand and guide her up the stairs.

Damien closed the bedroom door behind himself. “Here….have a seat on the bed and have some of this.”

TyKeisha took the bottle of beer from his hand and made a face at it. “Uh, you know I don’t drink, Damien.”

She handed him back the bottle and he popped the top. He held the bottle back up to her lips. “There’s nothing wrong with beer, my gorgeous little church girl. Jesus drunk the ish himself. Did he not turn water into wine at that party him and the homeboys was having in Damascus?”

TyKeisha gave him a tiny smile. Her mother had had her up in Sunday School ever since she was a little bitty thing. So she knew her Bible stories. “Um....actually, it wasn’t really a party per se. They were at a wedding and it was in Galilee….not Damascus.”

Damien took a swig from the bottle. “Galilee….Damascus….same difference. You know what I mean, shorty.”

He handed the bottle back to her. “Drink’ll help you to loosen up a bit and make you feel good.” He leaned over and began placing kisses on her neck. “About like what I’m doing to you right now feels good. Drink it.”

TyKeisha hesitantly placed the bottle up to her lips. The taste wasn’t all that bad.

That’s it babe, drink some more.”

Several minutes later, the entire bottle was gone and TyKeisha was feeling tingly and light on the inside. Not to mention the sensation she was feeling from the hand that Damien had thrust into her jeans and between her legs.

You’re so hot, TyKeisha. I just have to have you.”

A tiny part of her brain was telling her to make him stop, but the things he was doing to her were physically making her feel so good that she didn’t really want him to. Before she knew it, her pants and panties were discarded in a pile on the bed and Damien had claimed her virginity.

When everything was all over and done with, TyKeisha was horrified. She knew she was drunk from the two beers she’d downed, but she’d never imagined her first time was going to be like this.

She hung her head in shame. When Damien rolled off of her, she began reaching for her clothes.

He grabbed her slender wrist “Uh, not so fast, TyKeisha. My homeboy wants a sample, too.”

When Damien’s best friend, Vincent, stepped out of a dark corner of the room, TyKeisha frowned. “Why is he here?”

Damien’s eyes bore into hers as Vincent began unbuttoning his jeans. “Like I said, my boy wants a piece of that sweet innocent cooch, too.”

TyKeisha shook her head. “No, I’m not down with that.”

She tried to pull her arm out of Damien’s grasp, but he only tightened his grip.

Despite still being buzzed, understanding finally dawned. TyKeisha felt a sense of panic deep in her soul. She’d finally realized that the boy she’d assumed was so sweet and into her was really a snake in the grass. Oh my God….he’s gonna let his friend rape me.

She couldn’t stop the scream that tore from her throat as Vincent laid his weight down on her.

She was too far into a state of panic to notice the door to the room opening, but she experienced an overwhelming feeling of relief as Vincent’s weight was pulled off of her.

The muscular, dark-skinned brotha didn’t ask any questions as his fist connected with the punk’s face over and over again. From the pretty girl’s screams, he could tell what had been going on.

TyKeisha didn’t say anything or ask any questions as she quickly pulled her clothes back on. She grabbed her tiny purse and rushed out of the room, pushing past the throng of party-goers as she went along. Tears stung her eyes when she found the front door of the frat house. Her heart pounded in her chest as she rushed out into the humid night air.

* * *

Damien cursed under his breath as his blood began to boil. “Get off of him, Mike….before I call the rest of the guys in here and we kick your black ass!”

Mike didn’t feel intimidated at all. Since he was a little over six feet tall, and all muscle, punks like his half-brother Damien and his boys didn’t scare him.

His whole purpose of coming into the room — which had been to stop his no-good little brother and his lackey from taking advantage of the unidentified girl — had been accomplished. Therefore, he loosened his grip on Vincent, but not before he’d rocked his jaw one last time for good measure.

As he made his way towards the door, Mike shook his head in disgust. Damien and he shared a father, but had been raised in separate households with their individual mothers. Damien had grown up rich, spoiled, and rotten. Mike had been raised by his single mom — who’d been poor, but had had a heart of gold. Mike’s mother had strived to instill the best of morals into her kids. Damien’s mother and father together didn’t know the definition of the word.

Before he left the room, Mike gave Damien a fierce scowl. “You foul bruh….you foul.”

Seconds later, as he made his way through the frat house and out the front door, Mike looked around, searching for the girl that Vincent and his no-good little brother Damien had tried to take advantage of. However, she was nowhere to be found.

He sighed under his breath as he left the party. Lord I hope she’s alright.

* * *

A Little Over a Half Hour Later:

Oh my God, TyKeisha! What in the world happened?!”

TyKeisha shook her head. She knew she looked a mess, but she didn’t care. She was traumatized by everything that had gone on in that dim, little bedroom.

You were right, Danielle,” she murmured under her breath through her tears. “You were right.”

Danielle jumped off of her dorm room bed and rushed over to her friend. She gave TyKeisha a hug, letting her cry her frustrations out on her shoulder.

Talk, TyKeisha. Tell me what happened, boo.”

Between her sobs, TyKeisha somehow managed to tell Danielle the whole sordid story. When she got to the part about Vincent, Danielle pulled back with an angry frown on her face. “He tried to rape you, TyKeisha...and Damien foul behind was in on it. You have to report this to the police.”

TyKeisha shook her head. “I can’t, Danielle. Damien didn’t force me to have sex with him and the guy who came into the room stopped Vincent before anything could happen. It’s just gonna be my word against Vincent’s and Damien’s. No one will ever believe me.”

Danielle sighed. “But honey, you have to say something. No telling how many other girls those two have done this to….and no telling how many more their gonna try it on in the future. The guy who helped you out….did you at least get his name? He should be able to vouch for your side of the story.”

TyKeisha shook her head again. “I put on my clothes and ran out of there as fast as I could, Danielle. I walked back here to the dorm.”

Let me get my keys and my mace. We’re going back to that party and we’re taking the cops with us. Maybe we’ll find the guy who rescued you there so you can file a police report.”

TyKeisha swallowed past the lump in her throat. “I can’t go back there, Danielle. I just can’t,” she said in defeat.

Danielle sighed. As much as she wanted to, she wouldn’t try to force her friend to go. She could tell that she’d already been through enough.

If we were in the Bronx instead of Carolina, I’d call a couple of my cousins and have them come over and kick both their asses.”

Danielle frowned. Since becoming saved a year earlier, she barely cursed. She sighed. Lord forgive me, but some things in life warrant a cuss word or two.

Danielle shook her head. “Well, boo….let’s at least get you cleaned up and get you into bed. God don’t like ugly and I pray those two buttheads get what’s coming to them, because both of them are foul.”

* * *

Two hours later, as TyKeisha listened to her roommate lightly snoring in the single bed across the room, she quietly thanked God for allowing a friend like Danielle to be in her life. Danielle had stayed up with TyKeisha until well after three in the morning giving her words of encouragement and being the shoulder for her to cry on. Not once did she say anything along the lines of ‘I told you so. TyKeisha was well aware that she could have, but she hadn’t.

TyKeisha frowned. She pulled her bedcovers up to her chin. “I repent of my sins, Lord—,” she dabbed at the tears in the corner of her eyes, “—now if it be your will, I need your mercy and I need you to mend my broken, betrayed heart. Amen.”