He Loved me Despite my Flaws
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He Loved me Despite my Flaws

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To the outside world, the lovely, saved, successful entrepreneur, Lisa Greene, has an overabundance of confidence. So much in fact, that most people would never guess that she’s living with an inner mental pain. Scarred by her past — literally — she comes to believe that she’s not worthy of love. Handsome, kindhearted attorney, Eric Young, has scars of his own — emotional ones. His ex-wife — a serial adulterer — has destroyed his faith in the beauty of marriage. Will Eric come to realize that a second chance at happiness is possible for him? And will Lisa finally figure out that God’s willing to bless her with a true soulmate? Her very own Boaz, who sees her beauty, despite her perceived flaws.


Author: Taretha Jones

Format: Paperback

Copyright: 2018

Pages: 221

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