Exactly Everything she Needs
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Exactly Everything she Needs

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Once burned, twice shy…

Successful donut shop owner, Cassandra Pryor, aka Cassie, has heard that saying plenty of times in her life. However, she never really thought it would be something that she’d have to relate to. When the husband she thought would love and adore her forever turns out to be an abuser, she quickly learns that the saying does, indeed, apply to herself and her life. When she meets a celebrity pastry chef who is newly saved, handsome, and generous, her heart begins to once again yearn for a happy-ever-after. God wants to give Cassie exactly everything that she wants and needs…a true soulmate included. But she must first accept and believe that God’s willing to do it for her.



Author: LaToya Battle

Format: Paperback

Copyright: 2022

Pages: 262

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