A God Sent Kind Of Love
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A God Sent Kind Of Love

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Twenty-nine year old Meesha Langston is saved, single and beautiful. Since she's been blessed to have a loving mother and doting god-mother in her life — who both love playing match-maker — she's not at a loss for eligible young men to date.

Meesha is a sweet girl with a heart of pure gold. However, her past experiences in the dating arena have soured her to men — that is unless the man has a professional career with the Armani suits to match.

When Meesha meets personal trainer Andre Ridley, she's pretty much sure that a blue collar brotha' like Andre isn't her type.

Despite Meesha's bias against him, it doesn't take Andre long to see Meesha for the loving, kind, person she really is. He knows that he and Meesha belong together. Problem is, he has to convince her of that fact. 

In the end, will he be able to show her that they have a God sent kind of love?



Author: Nikki Smith

Format: Paperback

Copyright: 2015

Pages: 204

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