Trouble All in my Way
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Trouble All in my Way

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Meet Shonda Rice. Dysfunctional should’ve been her middle name because that’s the type of upbringing she’d had. But despite being raised by a mother who never really showed her love, Shonda turns out relatively okay.

Owning her very own high-end nail salon and catering to celebrities, she considers herself to be a boss — or rather a boss-in-the-making.

When she meets and begins dating power attorney, Raymond Coffer, she’s sure they’re gonna be Atlanta’s next power couple. Shonda doesn’t really love Raymond, but she’s willing to marry him to achieve her dreams of claiming fame and fortune.

Somewhere along the path, their tolerance for each other turns to love. But will their love be enough to keep them together when sin steps in the way?

Author: Wayne Colley

Format: Paperback

Copyright: 2015

Pages: 193

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