Image of the book, God Ain't Playing by Wayne Colley
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God Ain't Playing

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The beautiful Shamesha Robertson thinks she's found the love of her life in Cameron Scott. But her very saved mother thinks that Cameron is just the devil in disguise. When Shamesha falls out with her mother over Cameron, she eventually discovers that Cameron may not have been the loving boyfriend that she'd thought him to be. When Shamesha finally runs into saved, single, and handsome Dr. Jonathan Wallace, she's attracted to the man immediately. Fortunately for Shamesha, Jonathan's just as attracted to her. It seems as if the two have a love sent straight from heaven. But will they be able to fight the demons from her past and the obstacles from her present, that were sent straight from Satan to ruin their happily-ever-after?



Author: Wayne Colley

Format: Paperback

Copyright: 2016

Pages: 164

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